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Big Love & Big Goals

It's common for couples with big passionate goals to want more balance, find financial puzzles and wonder about ways to ask for and give each other support. As your coach I work with you and your partner to navigate the busy, focus on the important and create the best for your unique family.

- Move gently through relationship blocks
- Find and navigate choices that move your passion projects forward
- Learn the best ways to support each other
- Discover what balance looks like for your situation
- Find financial common ground

For Couples

You're a loving supportive couple with big goals and lots of obligation. I get it, you are working hard to build your business, train for the triathlon, have the hobbies, nurture your friendships, lovingly raise your kiddos, and have lots of hot steamy Netflix nights with your awesome partner - its exhausting! I help partners navigate the busy, focus on the important and create the best for your unique family.

For Individuals

You are a strong ambitious individual experiencing life changing around you.  Maybe you've recently added a child to your world, or your little ones are growing up, or your big kids are getting ready to head out on their own -- you feel your role shifting.  I can help you navigate the changes and focus on creating peace in your heart and joy in your next great adventure.


About kate

Kate is a life coach, business partner, mom, wife and slow running enthusiast.  Kate coaches part-time and works full-time, she has a lot of experience living joyfully in chaos.  Kate has spent years studying child development, psychology, relationship dynamics and professional development.  For fun and relaxation Kate enjoys kayaking, knitting, meditation and studying crystals.

A Discovery Session is free and now open for booking. Sessions are held via phone call, contact me for in-person coaching and workshop arrangements. More booking options are opening soon.